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Welcome to EspadaRolls

The Independent Record and Music Video Label which also encompasses Musicals Video, Online Album Sales, Video and Music Downloads (from Music) including meekjoe’s album ‘andevermoreshallbeso’- CD with accompanying DVD following their 12 track story as sung in the songs. Other albums from Paul White, Ched Thorley, The EspadaRolls Band, ArthurB, The Fourth Action Spectacular Soho Electric, Lamb and The Fabulous Little Vegas. EspadaRolls is linked to Pop Artist BB Bango and ClayClay and the Isle of Wight Film Board and also has a sister site

 EspadaRolls has produced and is selling on DVD ‘Tacky, Not Very Professional Original Music Videos’ - showing over twenty attractive glamour models (on 15 different DVDs) moving and stripping to both commercial and original music featuring unreleased bands on ‘blue screen’ with many added ‘tacky’ effects.many of which can be used as a Video ‘Lava Lamp’ projected onto your wall in the same way ‘Gel projectors did in the 1960s to get that truly psychedelic effect.. Only suitable for over 18s.

UPDATED Jan 2024. Videos 2022/3/4

Many More Bango saucy videos at Espadas sister site

  EspadaRolls (BB Bango) Music Video site Including download purchase of uncensored music videos and bonus photo shoot outakes. ALL for £5.00 via Paypal for instant download

Saucy Seaside Rock Fort Musical

Abstract Music - Gloribinas Tract Music

Hosted on EspadaRolls' ITunes Music Videos site. Producer of Gloribinas Abstract Music and Saucy Seaside Musical

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Tacky Not Very Professional Music Videos on DVD. Buy Now at £6.00 including UK postage and packing via PayPal. Click here.

DVD ‘Tacky, Not Very Professional Original Music Videos’ Over 60 minutes of 20 Original ‘naughty’ Music Videos. Produced, Directed and edited by EspadaRolls. . Also available boxed and including postage at £6.00 International below .

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